5 Things You Must Know For Making Fashionable Clothes!


If you want to improvise your clothing in a new sense, you should learn how to make apparels. It will help you in every aspect of life and save a lot of money. You will get a chance to create a unique style too! Here, we represent several tips you must know before starting this amazing creative job.

  1. Basic Info about the Tools: At first, you need to gather all the required tools for making some outstanding outfits for yourself. Cloth-making includes measuring, cutting, sewing, coloring and so many tasks like these.
  • Machine for Sewing: You will get a variety of sewing machine in the market. While picking one of them, consider your requirement and the durability. Also, the sewing machine is of two types. One is portable which is preferred for household usage. The other type is engineered for heavy load in cloth-making.
  • Iron and Steamer: After you make clothes, it needs to be straightened. Use an iron for this. If you want a portable and more convenient tool for removing wrinkles, you should purchase a steamer. To find the best steamer for clothes in the market, the reviews over the internet will help you. It includes all the necessary information about the garment steamer.
  • Measuring tools: The next thing you have to gather is a cloth measurement box. It contains tape for measurement, tracing paper, color chalks, rulers and scissor. Sometimes, a seam reaper can also be found in the box.
  1. Getting familiar with the tools: Before approaching to the cloth-making task, you should be familiar with the previously discussed tools. For example, a sewing machine is a complex device. There are a lot of functions and styles of stitching. Simply, take a piece of cloth and apply the styles on it. Read the manual carefully to get to know the parts. Attaching the string with the needle is often considered as a difficult task. Practice it several times.
  2. Prepare for the first stitch: If you start making a highly fashionable apparel, I think the outcome will not be good and you will get frustrated with the work. The best recommendation from the experts is making a skirt. It is the simplest and most basic of all the apparels. Never attach a button on it or a zipper. This will increase the complexity in your first cloth. The better option is including an elastic band to it.
  3. Measurement: This is very important in cutting and fitting a cloth. Instead of making your own cloth, make the skirt or cloth for your baby or sister. It will help you in getting the proper measurement. The length and width are the most important guideline for clothes. Try not to make tightfitting clothes.
  4. Pattern: You should make a very basic and simple pattern. When you are fully confident, you can move for the advance designs and patterns.

We hope that these tips will make you more confident in making clothes and using tools for it easily. Happy designing!